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UK NHS, God, it’s like living in the middle ages.

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I was shocked to see how backward the United Kingdoms Nation Health Service is:

‘CKS does not recommend the use of complementary therapies (e.g. soy, red clover, black cohosh)’

CKS is the United Kingdoms NHS Clinical Knowledge Summaries service; an advice services for all health practitioners.

They would rather a women uses anti-depressants ( and get out of the surgery no doubt ) than actually use a proven phytoestrogen and I’m referring to Soy.

They do know that passing through the menopause without any estrogenic support is a walk into Osteoporosis.

No wonder so many are disgusted by the NHS

Evil or Very Mad

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Didn’t you know that Prozac is good for you.

I notice they recommend fluoxetine (prozac) at 20 mg daily, that’s a full dose for major depression. It takes 5 weeks to build up to full effect in your body and 6 weeks to get rid of the effects; it's addictive, you can suffer with anxiety, insomnia, nervousness, mania and reduced libido. 7% of users get rashes, some extremely serious and it’s known that it causes violent behaviour.

Another side effect that has become apparent recently is a decrease in bone mass in elderly and increased risk of osteoporosis.

Perfect for a woman suffering through the menopause.

And what's more, Prozac has been re-named Safarem and is now sold to women for their irritability prior to menstruation.


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I looked at that page again.

They even suggest using a progestogen!

Whereas RCOG state this:

5.1 Progestogens
Progestogens have traditionally been a popular alternative to combined HRT in women with intractable vasomotor symptoms who have contraindications to estrogen, such as breast cancer or venous thromboembolism. Randomised studies have shown a modest benefit for megestrol acetate over placebo in the treatment of vasomotor symptoms. However, some studies, such as the Women's Health Initiative, have cast a shadow on the safety of progestogens because of concerns that the increase in risk of breast cancer with HRT is due to the combination of estrogen and progestogen (rather than estrogen alone). Thus, it is probably inappropriate to treat women who have an increased risk of breast cancer with progestogens. The potential risk to the breast needs to be taken into account when using progestogens as an alternative. Furthermore, doses of progestogens which achieve vasomotor symptom control increase the risk of venous thromboembolism.

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