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I have just taken the plunge and ordered FX

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1 I have just taken the plunge and ordered FX on Mon Oct 19, 2009 6:30 am

I have been reading with great interest the posts and topics on this forum.I am 54
and 8 years since my last period.Had a horrible time from start to finish, tried so many things
including HRt which did not suit me one bit!Soya not tolerated well.At the moment I am taking Flax seed oil in
a smoothy each day along with omega 3,6,& 9.I am still having the occassional flush ,more if I get stressed
I am hot all of the time and night time is the worst.So fed up with seeing the doctor. I have high blood pressure,controlled with Lisinipril and diuretics.Excess weight despite being active sits around my middle

I am grasping at straws to feel well again and enjoy my life, Am hoping that this procuct is
just the straw I have been waiting for Very Happy Thank you in advance
Oh and could you please recommend a dosage?

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So sorry to hear you've had such a rough time for so long; I only had about 4 months of feeling rotten after I had my problems with HRT, and that was bad enough!

Our product does work well for the majority of women in their menopause years and beyond and you would certainly know, given the right intake, if it was going to work for you within the first 4 weeks. Now that you've bought our product, one of product support team will be in touch to answer any start up questions and they will keep in touch with you over your first few weeks to ensure you maximise benefits as soon as possible and then advise on long term maintenance.
With regard to your medication, we would always suggest that you take this as and when prescribed and leave a good 45 mins either side before/after taking our product. We have a medical pack that can be requested for your GP; our product support team can help with this.
Is your flaxseed the oil or is it in capsule form? I only ask this because we normally suggest that avoiding any other phytoestrogens in the concentrated form like tablets and supplements if you are trying our supplement for the first time.
I would suggest starting with 3 capsules/day; typically 1 in the morning, 1 at lunchtime and 1 around teatime. Alternatively, you could try 2 in the morning and top up with the third around 5 or 6pm if you think you could forget the lunchtime capsule.
As a long time user, I only take 1/day and I take mine just before bedtime since I find it helps me sleep like a log!
Do contact us if you have any questions.
Take care,

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3 fx on Fri Oct 23, 2009 10:42 am

Thank you Yvette for taking the time to reply.I will take on board your advice make sure I give enough break of time after my medication.The Linseed oil I mentioned is from a bottle as is the omega blend
I have been taking the oil stirred into a shop bought natural smoothy.(I read the contents today and got a real shock,100 fluid ounces contains 2 mg of salt! I am trying to reduce my salt intake to help control my bp
I am happy to hold off taking the oils and take the FX as you have recommended.Hopefully it wont be to long until my tablets arrive.I am feeling positive about this product and so hoping it will prove to be helpful to me.Thank you again

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4 fx on Fri Oct 23, 2009 11:10 am

Just a thought? I bought a vitamin B complex yesterday would it be ok to take this with Fx product?
Many thanks

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No problems with any standard vitamins and minerals, so Vit B is fine.Equally other supplements such as evening primrose oil, omega fish oils, starflower oil, magnesium (which can help with better sleep-less "brain racing" if you wake up).
Scary about the amount of salt in the linseed oil! Hope the post issues don't cause too much of a delay in you getting your order.
Take care,

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6 fx on Mon Oct 26, 2009 7:30 am

Thanks, no salt in the linseed oil, its the fruit smoothy that contains the salt.
Order not arrived yet, Sad hopefully will come tomorrow. Very Happy

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