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NutraFX & Thyroxine

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1 NutraFX & Thyroxine on Sun Feb 21, 2010 7:26 am

RosieJ took the words out of my mouth! Very interested in any info on mixing these two. Agree with Rosie that the reports look very encouraging. I live in the Middle East and if I don't get something sorted out soon there's going to be nothing left but a grease spot on the floor...... affraid

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2 Re: NutraFX & Thyroxine on Mon Apr 19, 2010 9:02 am

hi Island Girl.

(Looking out the window at the grey sky Sad Ooh! the sun has just decided to grace us.)

There are no issues with using fxmeno at the same time as thyroxine. (copy / pasted from Rosies answer) When they give you thyroxine they should test you and do it again a few weeks later, then test annually; This is so they can adjust the dose to suit your health / diet / lifestyle. Quite a few drugs and suprisingly a high-fiber diet, soy-containing supplements, and even walnuts can interfere with the thyroxine effects, hence testing and adjustement is necessary as time passes.

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