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Does this really work?

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1 Does this really work? on Mon Aug 23, 2010 5:23 am

**emailed question and answer**

Does this really work and is it expensive? I am 67 have had numerous years on HRT which wasn't that effective but reduced the sweats a little. My doctor is now reluctant to prescribe it for me so I am willing, well almost, to try arsenic if somebody said it would help. H.

Dear H.

It does work and is not expensive in my opinion.

This link will take you to a page that will give you an idea about how well and quickly fx may work; fxmenopause Flush Diary

The average time for it to start to work is 2 weeks and we do have many women seeing significant improvement in the first week. Please keep in mind that these are good results and that there are always some it will not work for and some that need to be patient ( 4-5 weeks ).

The usual intake when starting up for mid menopause or xHRT users is 3 capsules a day ( £1.59 a day ). When your well being is under control the intake drops to 2 a day ( £0.94p a day ) and long term users maintain themselves with 1 a day ( £0.53p a day)

If you follow these links you will find a detailed description of fxmenopause and the answers to many questions that may come to mind.

NutraFX Product details
Frequently asked questions about fx menopause

If you would like more info about what fx is and how it helps you can call me directly on the 766 number, up to about 8pm most days and often catch me at weekends.


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